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CNSO (Czech National Symphony Orchestra) ‘s
76 musicians will create love and heal the whole world with the music performed at the historical Dvorak Hall in Prague.

Gon: Humanity. We are made of the same elementary particles. Therefore, everything is connected as one. Humanity, Please realize it. I hope every life is connected with love, and can live together.

I hope every being can enjoy peace, and live safety and love. Like this world where and Tina and we live. 
Gon: We are all living in a drama like an illusion within the ocean of elementary particles. We are born to a dream of the subject of creation as a manifestation of love. The molecule is a gift of love. We will destroy us without it.

Humanity….We hope you will realize a great mission and create a beautiful world.

Future of love as everybody tries to create
by Gon