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An Epic Story of Returning to You, Encouraging the Return to the Source of the Universe
Ever since I was 20 years old, I have been asking myself, "Who am I? I have been asking myself, "Who am I?

The sadness of not being able to live with my true heart. Resentment that I can't live with my heart. The emptiness of not being able to live with my true heart.
I got very sick from the despair that I could not escape in the illusion of this world, and I was reborn there. I made a vow to my own soul that I would no longer live under false pretenses.
From there, I continued to scrape off the memories attached to my soul, and now the time is finally ripe, and I feel that I have found "A Promised Place- I wish to see you there.

As I read the script, I felt that the Divine Self hiding its voice had received permission to reveal itself on this earth. A true world where there is no separation or conflict. God's world will be realized more and more in the future. For this to happen, it is imperative that each and every human being awakens.

I believe that "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there" will inspire the souls of all people living on the earth at this time and remind them of the critical mission they have been promised. So please join us in the story and take a journey of the soul with us.

A journey that will remind you of who you really are. And you will never be alone. Believe that you have friends who have made a promise to make this earth a paradise together. This film will take you to a place where you can shed your ego and melt with great love.
Masumi Miyazaki (role of Takeru)

I am filled with feelings that I can't put into words, that I have been given the significant role of Tina. MARTH brought down the dream that God wanted to make come true on this earth.

And the thoughts that were filled with my prayers for the future, that is this work. It is a story that overflows with the feelings of the soul, where you can feel the love itself that everyone has hidden deep inside.

It contains a message to bring an end to the futility of a separated society and the sadness of throwing oneself into a world without love.

Through this work, I hope that we can unite to build a world of love, courage, and beauty in the future, which is the joy of our innocence, full of the original beauty of life.

I have my beloved life left for heaven, and I still have my beloved life right behind me in Japan. The story of my separation from these children made me feel the sorrow of separation that tore me apart. Therefore, I want to meet these children at "A promised Place-I wish to see you there."

I am very happy that through this work, I can have the courage to live in love again by fulfilling the role of Tina.

Through the role of Tina, I would like to express how much the existence of precious life gives us the strength to live, and how much it loves itself as if I am praying for the end of a society that only creates separation, and for the unification of the visible and invisible worlds as one connection of love.
Thank you very much for all the support and help you have given me so far.

Momoko Akiyama (role of Tina)

From a Separate World to a Unified Age of All Things
Up until now, MARTH has been communicating this to people all over the world through music.

This is a message to the global society because MARTH has a high reputation in the world than in Japan.
This is a message to the global society.

As a young man, he studied under a top-notch quantum mechanics teacher.
He studied under a top-notch quantum mechanics teacher from a young age. As a result, I was able to apply quantum mechanical ideas to this world.
MARTH has always had advanced ideas.

Now that more and more people are beginning to understand what quantum mechanics is all about.
This is MARTH's message to humanity.

In the animation, " A Promised Place-I wish to see you there.", MARTH's message is conveyed through beautiful images and music.
The message is presented to the humanity of this age.

I would like to support MARTH in conveying this message to humanity that comes from the bottom of my heart.
I would like to support MARTH and deliver this message to many people.

Akira Ikegawa (role of Takeru's father)

It took me a lot of tearful moments to write this message.
I couldn't see the words well. I spun the words in such a state of mind...

I tried to become a doctor to help sick people, and I tried my best, but I felt different. Then I broke down. I struggled to find myself. I learned many ways to be healthy. I learned about the origins of matter. Then I found the infinite. Infinity was one. The concepts of quantum mechanics taught me many things I didn't understand.

Separation. People always want to separate something. Even though there is actually only one. That one thing can be expressed in the language of this world as nothing other than "love. The Einstein of the world also ended up with "love."

I was shocked to learn that it is the same in medicine and health. An infinite number of activities are condensed in a single cell. If we don't call the power of natural healing "love," what should we call it? We have no choice but to call it God.

God is in every single cell. MARTH already had this worldview, which took a lot of time, money, and effort to reach. Reaching the same place through a completely different path. Indeed, that is the place of promise. There have been many movies and books that tell us this. I think I have a pretty good understanding of it, but it's still unclear.

I don't have the means to convey this feeling now.
However, I believe that this animation will convey it to me.

I think this is a message that many people need to hear now that the separation is accelerating. So please watch it without any doubts, interpretations, and prejudices; just watch it with an open mind. I hope that my thoughts will reach the hearts of as many people as possible. And let's bring the collective consciousness of love into this world.
Yoshimi Tanaka (role of principal)

This film's an important theme of "From a world of separation to a world of love and harmony."
In other words, the direction in which humanity, which is on the verge of destruction, should go is beautifully depicted with beautiful images and music.
The climax is overwhelmingly moving.

The film's climax was overwhelmingly moving, and I was immersed in its aftermath for a while. One of the shocks that quantum mechanics, the motif of this movie, has given to humanity is that elementary particles instantly change from "waves" to "matter" when human consciousness moves toward them.
"This was an astonishing fact.

The fact that human consciousness and elementary particles work together is an event that cannot be explained by classical Newtonian mechanics. If we expand this fact, all sentient beings in the universe are united and resonate through subatomic particles linked to consciousness.

Science has been searching for the truth by dividing things into small parts and "separating.".
However, it is surprising that quantum mechanics, which is the essence of modern science, has concluded that the universe is in great harmony, which is the exact opposite of separation.

Until now, science and consciousness have dominated modern civilization on this planet, which tends toward separation and division. Unfortunately, as this trend continues, the domination and strife that accompanies separation on this planet have become so extreme that humanity is now on the brink of destruction. The only way for humanity to overcome this grave crisis is to reclaim the power of love, the greatest consciousness we possess. Thus, for the first time in history, humanity is being confronted with a great test of Yin-Yang conflict: can love and harmony overcome a global civilization dominated by separation and headed for destruction?

Based on quantum mechanics, only our collective consciousness can converge the chaotic world in a certain direction. Therefore, I am convinced that this film will play a tremendous role in helping humanity regain the loving collective consciousness of 10,000 years ago and moving the earth's civilization in the desired direction of harmony.
I hope that many people will see this film.

 Masaru Nagahori (role of Chief)

The scientific fact that we are all one in the world of quantum and elementary particles
It is a powerful expression of the scientific fact that we are all one in the world of quantum and subatomic particles through beautiful animation and magnificent music.
The story of "The Promised Place-I wish to see you there" brings love and light to the Earth, where suffering and sorrow have long been caused by separation and competition.
It brings love and light to the Earth, which has been suffering and sad for a long time due to separation and competition.
I am convinced that it is the trump card to make the Earth a paradise of love.

After long and deep darkness, we have finally reached the stage where the Earth will enter a golden age of love and harmony.
We have come to the stage where the Earth will enter a golden age of love and harmony.

I am convinced that we humans, animals, plants, minerals, microorganisms, and the source of all existence are one.
All of us, human beings, animals, plants, minerals, and microorganisms, are one, and it is time to remember that we resonate with the vibrations of life, love, and keep each other alive.
It's time to remember that the source of the universe is MARTH.

A message of eternal love from the source of the universe through MARTH!
Please enjoy and synchronize with the wavelength of love.

Yoshitane Akiyama  (role of Jan)

My thoughts on "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." After reading this animation.
I was beyond moved, my soul trembled, and I became one with all...
The dawn of Japan and the dawn of the world "I felt the embryonic movement from the path of destruction to the path of eternity and the world of love.

This "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." is the world of love 10,000 years ago, when it was still a world of love.
Tina and Takeru, son of the scientist who developed the plasma device that can go to that world.
It is a romance that transcends time and dimensions.

Through this animation, MARTH hopes to turn this perishing world into a world of love.
The last chance for humanity to awaken...

I think this animation will be the last chance for humanity to "return home" from the path of destruction to the path of eternity, the civilization of love. This civilization is dying because of the reaction of ego due to the creation of a separate society. To save his beloved child, the Creator created it over 10,000 years ago to make him realize the final "path of love. With the real science of quantum mechanics, we can understand this universe, all in one "Star of Love"...

When this gift of the Creator is spread throughout the world, the world will change. To the planet of love... From the path of destruction to the planet of love...

Seiji Ikeda (role of Murte)

My prescriptions have increased. It is a prescription for love that can be prescribed for everyone.
"I'll never forget how thrilled I was when I read the story "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there."
I'll never forget it. I've been waiting for this! It was as if my soul was screaming for it.

The tears that welled up in my eyes were tears of joy. The first time I heard MARTH's music
I was filled with tears. But, of course, I was not sad, but why?
My soul was happy. Tears of joy came to my eyes.

This animation, "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." and its music is the best gift for those of us who live in the present and the future. It teaches us what our soul is seeking. It reminds us of the essential things we really know.
It reminds us of the important things we really know. What better gift could there be?

Kazuko Ikeda (role of Takeru’s mother)
I am so happy just to have found this work, and to be involved in its production is the greatest happiness. I hope that this gift will reach as many people as possible and that as many people as possible will know the soul's joy.
Kazuko Ikeda

The world really is changing rapidly. Is it possible that I'm being brainwashed?
No one is aware that they are being brainwashed. If you don't know it, you're in the wrong information.
If you are in the wrong information, you will become so. So let's live in the truth.

The soul, which was initially one, has separated, created duality, and fought trial and error. The battle between light and dark should be over.

"A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." is a chance to return to the golden age of love and harmony after a long period of learning. Japanese is very different from other western languages. It does not require a clear distinction between oneself and others.
It is the perfect story to return to the home of the soul.

For our children to live in peace and prosperity. I want to give this story to the future earth where our children will live. I want to provide them with this story. I am very happy to have participated in the production of this wonderful work.

Ichiro Tatsumi (role of Well)

"The separated world of separation is a world of lost children wandering in fear and sorrow. From a world of separation, I invite you to an age of oneness and harmony!

MARTH has continued to play the melody of love from the universal world to the world through music. The essence of the True Self knows that every song shakes the soul and brings tears of joy to the eyes.

"Everyone was born to be loved, and that's what this beautiful world is for, isn't it? Everything is one, and that wonderful planet must be the last paradise that was given to you. If this world were to abandon all conflicts, everyone would be united, and no one would be hurt.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to deliver this very important message as Yomi, a half-spirit, a half-matter villager from 10,000 years ago. At this moment, when the world is awakening to the truth, I am surrounded by joy, bliss, and love for the miracle of having life on earth and being together. I will serve as the sound of connection.
Aika (role of Yomi)

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to play the role of Emina in "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there."

I am very honored to be a part of the beautiful sound and world created by MARTH.

In this age when many people's way of life is being questioned, I can't stop being excited to spread the way of life of love and harmony in the form of animation that everyone can enjoy.

As I read the script, I felt that each word was filled with the world of love. Read one word, stay with it and savor it:... I can feel the passion and the hope for a beautiful world.

I am happy to be involved in building a bridge to a harmonious age of oneness, and I look forward to serving you.

KAAI HASHIMOTO (role of Emina)

The world that "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." invites us into is both the world of the past and the world of the future to come. They say that 10,000 years ago, we were all one.

Flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, water, air, living things, etc. A world where all of these things were linked together. People lived in a world of safe and secure love where they could communicate with each other through their hearts without words.

People began to speak, name trees and flowers, name everything, and separate people from plants and animals. They also named the earth, enclosed it as their own property, created countries, and began to divide us. Our technology is destroying the nature of the earth, promoting division, and bringing about the end of the world.

The love story of Takeru, who travels back in time from the present day of 2022 to 10,000 years ago, and Tina, who lives in a semi-materialistic world, "A Promised Place-I wish to meet you there." makes our future known.

It shows that it is time for the earth's humanity to awaken and realize the truth that has been hidden from us for so long. That's how I see it.

I believe that "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." is a lighthouse light that illuminates the future of humanity. Although it seems to be an animation for adults, I would like to encourage parents and children to watch it together.

Chizuru Mori (role of Lemurie)

The peaceful story of "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." is wrapped in the beautiful music of MARTH, reminding us of the beautiful and divine love that lies deep within us.

To learn about love and truth in the separated world of the Earth and to return to the great love.
I feel that "A Promised Place-I wish to see you there." was born to help us learn about love and truth in a world of separation.

It is when fear is spreading in the world, and many souls are being shaken to awaken. When I encounter this story and music, I see that all things are alive in love. The feeling that everything is beautiful and shining. The sunshine, the wind, the water, the air, the tiny flowers, the birdsong, the animals.

It reminds me once again that we are all living on the miraculous planet Earth. It is an excellent opportunity to realize that everything is one world instead of living at the mercy of earthly confusion and a strong sense of separation. I hope that many people will see this story, which describes the laws for true human prosperity and blessings from all beings.

Keiji Morii (role of Gon)

I am honored to have been given the role of a rock, a river, a rocky mountain, or a snowy mountain as the natural world that whispers to the main character, Takeru. I feel that the natural world also has a will, and it is just that it is invisible to the human eye or in a form that we cannot see.

The earth and trees have a will, memories, and breathe. Still, we modern people, who are so steeped in materialism, don't understand that. In fact, we sometimes even ridicule those who say so.

In an age when it has become clear that even prayers and wishes are transmitted as elementary particles, I would like to live in the present while feeling the existence and realm of the invisible and cherishing the sense that everything is connected through the world of subatomic particles and quantum mechanics.

The music that runs through the entire work is also a magnificent melody that evokes memories from ancient times. I look forward to seeing this work reach a wider audience.
Masaharu Kimura (role of Rock)

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